A complete list of where proof-documents are required for various government scheme

Generally we all need to know that nowadays many plans are out and most people can use them. And thus many documents are needed to ensure that these schemes are fully utilized. And usually we go to government offices with a lot of evidence for that. And there are times when you have to get hit with government work. And first of all, the lack of any necessary evidence or other thing that is often unaware of which document is needed.

Today in this article I have to go to government offices for example in Amritam card, in Vatsalya card, personal assistance, revenue works, ration card and many more. And for those who do not have any such card or certificate, today we will tell you where a document is required.

Evidence needed to get a caste  જાતિનો દાખલો મેળવવા માટેના જરૂરી પુરાવાઓ :

  1. Form and photo
  2. School’s Living Certificate
  3. Last Light Bill
  4. An example of the Talati race
  5. Living Certificate of a Person at Home

Vayuvand Yojana:

  1. Copy of ration card
  2. Copy of election card
  3. aadhar card
  4. School Living
  5. BPL Example
  6. Copy of Bank Passbook
  7. ૦ થી ૧૬ નો તલાટી BPL નો દાખલો
Evidence for Annapurna Scheme in:
  1. Form and photo
  2. Copy of election card
  3. aadhar card
  4. School Living
  5. Copy of Bank Passbook
Getting Widow Assistance વિધવા સહાય મેળવવા :
  1. Form and photo
  2. Copy of ration card
  3. Copy of election card
  4. Last Light Bill
  5. દાખલો of children’s birth dates
  6. School Living Certificate
  7. દાખલો of death of husband


સરકારી યોજનાઓ માટે ક્યાં ક્યાં પુરાવા-ડોકયુમેન્ટ જરૂર પડે છે તેની સંપૂર્ણ યાદી



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