Digital Gujarat 22 Online Services At Village

The Gujarat you have government is going to launch a digital service bridge in the program. The aim is to simplify government work in this do you direction.

The digital service bridge program will be want started in 2700 villages out of 3500 villages of Gujarat and in 167 talukas.

Digital Gujarat
Digital Gujarat

The service, which will start on October 8, will best have cover 8000 villages by December and will make 22 services digitally available.

These 22 services include ration card, widow certificate, proof of temporary residence, proof of income.

Digital Gujarat 22 Online Services At Village:- Digital Gujarat 22 Online Services At Village List

To add a name to the ration card : Senior Citizen Certificate

Deletion of name from the ration card : Language-based Minority Certificate

Correcting the address in the ration card : Religious Minority Certificate

Issuing a new ration card : Certificate of nomadic proposed breed

Separating the ration card : CM Agricultural Assistance

Application for a guardian of ration card : Affidavit of income proof

Duplicate ration card : Affidavit regarding widow assistance

Digital Gujarat Widow Certificate : Affidavit of race pattern

Example of temporary accommodation : Affidavit for ration card

Example of income : Affidavit for renaming

Example of a race not in reserve : Other prepared affidavits

Digital Gujarat service bridge

The first also read  phase of ‘Digital Service Bridge’ will be launched on October 8, 2020

– By December 2020, 8,000-gram most have panchayats will be covered under the Digital Service Bridge

– Various 22 services like ration card, income do proof, senior citizen proof,  agricultural aid, caste certificates will be available at home gram panchayat to the people in rural areas.

– This technology-based can public welfare digital service bridges the rural areas of the state The way will be paved to make the area a will be Global Village along with the Modern Village.

All time Regarding this, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said that an affidavit regarding this service can be made to Talati. You no longer open need to go to a notary for that.

The state government has decided to give the have a good  power of affidavit to Talati for these services. 3500 villages are to be placed on this platform, though 2700 villages have been Vyasth included due to by-election work.

Gujarat will be the only and first state in India to provide such service. 14000-gram panchayats got  will be phased out.

All gram panchayats will be covered by next year. This is a total project of Rs 2,000 crore, in which 90 percent of the cost is borne by the application central government, and 10 percent by the state government.

At the time of making this announcement, Chief Minister have a Vijay Rupani has claimed that the least corruption is in Gujarat.

He said that while Gujarat has got a weapon like a digital service bridge to reduce corruption, corruption will be reduced in the coming days.

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