Retail Shops Except Malls Allowed To Open

Important news for Gujaratis, the government has given permission to open all these shops from tomorrow

The shops have been allowed to open by the state government from tomorrow. At the same time, the Home Ministry has clarified that liquor shops will remain closed despite the lockdown.

In addition, shops in the market and shops in shopping malls cannot be opened. He further clarified that only the necessities of life can be sold by e-commerce companies.


Home Ministry has set 4 conditions for opening shops

50 Only 50 percent of employees will be able to work in the shop
It is mandatory for all employees to wear masks
નિય The rules of social distance must be strictly followed
All shops should be registered under State / UTs.

Will all kinds of shops be open from today? The government did the specification

Only registered shops will be allowed to open as per the new guideline. It is the summer season and people can easily buy other items including fans and coolers. However, shops in the Corona hotspot area will remain closed.

Consumers can now buy non-essential items in addition to everyday, but they cannot buy items from shopping malls or shopping complexes. The customer has to go to small shops to buy goods.
Many people were having trouble getting a haircut or grooming. Now such people are going to get relief from today. According to the new guideline, salons and beauty parlors can be opened in non-hotspot areas.

Those who are fond of food and drink and prefer to go to malls will have to wait a little longer as the cinema halls, shopping complexes, gyms, sports complexes, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theaters and bars coming under the purview of the corporation will be closed.

Puncture, repair shops will remain open.

Tailoring shops can be opened

Grain groceries will also start

The ice cream parlor cannot be opened.