RTO Gives Car Owner Information To Gujarat Food Deptment And Stop Ration Card Advantage

Gujarat Food Deptment Beneficiaries of rationing are not harmed by car owners: Details of vehicles will be sought from RTO after a complaint that they are taking advantage of cheap ration food even if they have a vehicle at home.

Gujarat, it has been found that people who have ration cars are also taking rations given to the poor. There were also complaints that people were going to get rations in cars in front of a cheap food shop. Then the state government has taken a tough stance. Now car owners are not at a disadvantage if they go to take advantage of rations. The supply department is also receiving complaints from car owners in the state that they are taking advantage of the government’s rationing. The supply department will then work with the state’s Regional Transport Authority (RTO) offices to launch a special campaign to prevent vehicle owners from taking government benefits. The names of bogus beneficiaries who own a car will be deducted from the ration card based on the data obtained by the RTO.

Gujarat Food Deptment

The list names provided by the RTO will be compared with the Aadhaar card
In Gujarat, 3.36 crore people from 69 lakh families are covered under the National Food Security Act. They deserve cheap grain. It has been ordered to remove such bogus beneficiaries as it is noticed that even the happy-rich people are taking advantage of this scheme for the poor. The RTO has been asked to provide a list of car owners, according to a supply corporation official. The names will then be compared with the Aadhaar card. People with cars will also have their names removed if they take advantage of cheap food.

Gujarat Food Deptment
Gujarat Food Deptment

The names of those who have not availed the benefit of rationing for one year have also been deleted
Apart from the RTO, a similar exercise will also be conducted with the birth-death department. The supply department has reduced more than 1000 names from Ahmedabad alone in the last two months. The names of those who have not benefited for over a year under the National Food Security Act have also been deleted. The National Food Security Act came into force in 2013.

The city has standards like lined buildings, cars
It was also implemented in Gujarat in 2013. Certain criteria were set to determine the beneficiaries of the scheme. As far as the urban area is concerned, criteria like lined house, car ownership are also prescribed. A door-to-door survey will be conducted after the names of bogus beneficiaries have been dropped based on the RTO’s list. The names of the beneficiaries living in the row house will be deleted.

Vendors vote to implement 2013 list
RTO sources said a list of car owners would be provided as per the instructions of the Civil Supplies Department. Ration vendors said bogus beneficiaries need to be identified and their names removed. The 2013 list is in force. Many people receive subsidies unnecessarily. More help can be given to the needy if the names of the happy affluent are reduced. The economic burden of food subsidies on the government can be much lighter.

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