Integrated pest control in summer crop of crops

By | April 25, 2018

Integrated pest control in summer crop of crops

In the state of Gujarat, wet cultivation is done in large quantities during the monsoon and summer season. Bhendi’s farming area has been growing so much that if there is a good price for wetlands during the summer season. Responsible factors for poor production of wetlands are considered to be an important factor in the loss of which pests have to be borne due to economic losses. Poor insect pests are found in the wetlands, and the nuisance of stem borer and fruit sticks are found.


Pucca (swaddle) is prone to cone-shaped pale green or yellowish-colored and diagonally walking. Both the cubs and the pukhia lose the juice of the shrubs in the leaves of the plants, and as a result the leaves turn yellow and get clogged upwards. If there is more nuisance then it becomes dry.

White fly

The mites have white winged and yellow colored areas. When the cubs are like chutes, oval and scales. Both the cubs and the juices go to the lower surface of the leaf and sip juice from the leaves, resulting in a yellowish scarring on the leaves. If there is more nuisance then the leaf becomes yellow. The cubs secrete honey like material that covers the surface of the leaf and the flowers so that the growth of plants is interrupted. In addition, these mites act as a yellow nerve disease.


This is the adult red colored hayoye when the cubs are orange colored. Cats and adults undergo a thin layer of silk from the body at the bottom of the ovaries, causing the juice to be absorbed by drinking water and causing a white yellowish stomach on the page. If there is more nuisance, then all the yellow pale leaves become brown in color eventually.

Doom and Fruit Caterpillar

The mammal mud is white-colored, black-headed, and has black and brown dots on the body, hence it is also known as “Kabri Irrigation”. At the beginning of the haystack, the dough and the buds are eaten so that the stems are damaged. In the bronchial horn, sitting on horns, on the inside of the horn, the inner pores of the fetus are worn and often due to which the horns are twisted and are not suitable for selling.


Integrated Control System

Selection of resistant varieties like pistachios such as Gujarat Bhinda-2, Parbhati Revolution.

Before sowing the seed of seeds, giving 5 grams of eidycloprop 70 ws or 5 gm of thiomethokzam medicines for one kg of seeds, the control of pimples such as pimples, molos, thrips, white mangoes and pancreati are controlled for one month of the beginning.

Destroying the soil with broken borer caterpillar, and removing the wetting rate on the second or third day can reduce the loss of cafeteria caterpillars.

To set up the fermenton trap hectare of cabbage cisterns by 40 or 60 in the wet season and change the lure every 21 days.

These pests can be effectively controlled by planting of vegetable pesticides such as lemon juice 5% or lemon oil 0.5% or in azadaractine-based pesticide drug at 40 ml / 10 liters of water at 15 days.

For the control of the poison caterpillar, BTK powder hectare to remove two in 1 kg, the first sprinkling of powdered seed starts the loss of pest and the second is to be done after 15 days.

For effective control of pestle and borer seed in the wet season, sprinkle methyl-O-dematine 0.025% (10 ml / 10 liters of water) for the first 20 days after sowing and then 40 grams of carbonate 10 liters of water, sprinkle three of it. Between 30,4 5 and 60 days respectively after planting, good control can be obtained.

If the nuisance of a poisonous caterpillar is high, then spark 10 ml or Indokazarkab 14.5 sq. 10ml Sprinkle the drug into 10 liters of water.

Acetamprid 10 gm or immunoclopride 10 ml. Spraying of the drug in 10 liters of water, if it is more severe than fever, then it may be 7 gms of semiotoxylum or 10 ml of methyl-O-ondematon. Sprinkle the drug into 10 liters of water.

If the pancreatic nuisance is high, then Franzacquin 10 ml Or Spirometasy, 7ml Or Dicotrol 10ml Sprinkle the drug in 10 liters of water.