Kisaan (Khedut) Sahay Jaherat Gujarat Government

Kisaan (Khedut) Sahay Jaherat Gujarat Government

Deputy CM Nitin Patel has made a big announcement about the farmers. Nitin Patel announced at a press conference about the farmers, in which additional assistance to 2 lakh farmers will be paid. Which accounts for about 33 percent of the damage. Nitin Patel said that the state government has announced a Rs 700 crore package for farmers.

જરૂરી ડોક્યુમેન્ટ માં આધાર કાર્ડ પાસબુક તલાટીનો દાખલો વાવેતરનો 7 12 8અ અને બેંકની પાસબુક આટલા ડોક્યુમેન્ટ જોશે

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Besides, the Chief Minister said, “If there is arable land, Rs 13,500 will be paid. If there is non-surplus land then Rs. 6800 assistance will be paid. The toy will be handed over to the farmers by the collector.



Both the words and deeds of Congress are different

Nitin Patel said, “More than 2 lakh farmers have suffered a loss of more than 33 percent. The farmers will be assisted by RTGS. In the preliminary survey, it was reported that there were losses of 5 lakh hectares. ”Meanwhile, Nitin Patel also attacked the Congress. He said, “Farmers are misled by Congress. Both the words and deeds of Congress are different. Though there is a Congress government in Madhya Pradesh, no waiver has been issued. First, Congress should help farmers in their states, then agitate against us. Our government looks after the farmers.


Farmers will be paid by RTGS

The soon-to-be decided farmers will be paid by RTGS and additional assistance will be announced after completion of crop insurance survey, the Deputy Chief Minister said. He also informed that peanuts will be purchased at support price from November 18. Before making a big announcement about farmers, Nitin Patel had a meeting with the revenue energy minister. He is the R.C. Meeting with Phaldu and Saurabh Patel.

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