Process of taking admission in agricultural polytechnic curriculum after standard 10

By | April 29, 2018

KrishiPrutha Krishi, who is involved in various agro-related polytechnics courses after agricultural education in the state of Gujarat, using modern technology, can use radical changes in agriculture and run various courses to get more employment.


Agricultural Polytechnic Course
Agricultural Polytechnic courses are run by nine State Agricultural Universities in nine places.

In Deesa, Khedabramha, Amirgad in Banaskantha District by Sardar Krushi University

Anand Kushali University in Anand and Veso (Kheda)

In Junagadh Krushi University in Dhari (Amreli)

In Bharuch, Vyara (Tapi) and Waghai (Dang) by Navsari Krushi University

This course is run in English medium and has a semester of three years.

After this course, various agricultural universities, agricultural accounts, NGOs And other agricultural related departments get jobs as agricultural assistants. Apart from this, there are also bright opportunities for ‘Field Assistant’ or ‘Field Officer’ in the field of pesticide, seed, chemical-synthetic fertilizers etc. in the agricultural profession. In addition, drip and sprinkler irrigation companies are working well in the state of Gujarat, in these companies, agricultural polytechnic students can get such names and get good employment.

After passing the Agricultural Polytechnic course, the students of the merit in the entrance examination conducted by B.Sc. (Agri.) In the third semester.

Horticultural Polytechnic Course



Horticulture Polytechnic courses are run in five locations by Gujarat State Agricultural Universities.

In Jugudan (Mehsana) by Sardar Krushi University

Anand Kushali University in Vadodara

In Junagadh by Junagadh Krushi University

Navsari Krushi University in Navsari and Pyaayya (Valsad)

This course is also run in English medium and it has six semesters, or three years. When the state of Gujarat is progressing in horticultural crops such as fruit, vegetables, pomacea, then there is a wide scope of employment after completion of this course. Horticulture Assistant positions in the National Horticulture Mission, Horticulture Department and Agricultural Universities have huge employment opportunities.

After completing this course, on the basis of merit, B.Sc. (Horti) gets admission in the third semester.

Animal Husbandry Polytechnic Course

The Gujarat State Agricultural Universities are run by three and the University of Kamdhenu is one of the four places in the state of Gujarat.

Sardar Krushi University in Sardar Krushinagar (Banaskantha)

In Junagadh by Junagadh Krushi University

Navsari Krushi University in Navsari

In the Himmatnagar by Kamdhenu University

This course is in English medium and has six semesters, or three-year terms. At present, when there is a shortage of veterinary doctor in rural areas, these curriculum students are getting such compensation for the primary care of the animals. Since the farmers get regular income through animal husbandry business, their lives are well settled. Apart from this, there has been a radical change in the standard of living. Because the rabbits get regular income, they are more alert about animals-health care. So in the primary treatment of the economically viable animal husbandry in the interior villages, animal husbandry polytechnic studies can be done by doing good work in health care of animals, dignity, dignity and simultaneous nudity of the services of non-animals.

Pastoral polytechnic students studying in the following fields can earn regular income by working.

(1) Making a big bucket near the city as an entrepreneur or being a consultant to such entrepreneur.

(Ii) Treatment of animals in Panarpol- for health care

(3) Provide animal related services to the cattle breeders in private dairy

(4) As a procurement manager in the milk processing unit

(V) as Veterinary Procurement Manager in Veterinary Clinic

In this way, for the students studied in pastoral polytechnics, there are many opportunities for employment in many different fields.

Home Science (Home Science) Polytechnic
The course run by the Gujarat State Agricultural University runs for Sardar Krushi University in Sardar Krushinagar (Banaskantha) and Junagadh Krushi University for women only in Amreli.

This medium of instruction in English medium is of six semesters, or three-year period. In this course, subjects such as diet, nutrition, home decoration, sewing, and various bakery preparations are taught elaborately, which is very useful for the self-employment of the sisters.

After completing this course, direct admission is given to the Home Science Bachelor course based on the merit of the entrance examination (degree from diploma).

Agricultural Engineering Polytechnic Course
Agricultural Engineering Polytechnic course is run in three places by Gujarat State Agricultural Universities.

Anand Kushali University in Dahod

In Junagadh Krushi University, in Targhadia (Rajkot)

In Dadiyapada (Narmada district) by Navsari Krushi University

In Gujarat, the area under micro irrigation increases. It can be taken into consideration by employers in drip and sprinkler irrigation companies. After completion of this course, admission in the third semester of direct agricultural engineering college is given as per admission rules. Others: In addition to Junagadh, Agro Processing Polytechnic and Anand Polytechnic course of Nutrition and Dietitics is also run.



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