SOLAR ROOFTOP SUBSIDY GUJARAT: In a major initiative, Govt.. of India, under the National Solar Mission has set a target of 1,00,000 MW power generation through solar energy in the country including 40,000 MW to be contributed through solar rooftops in various sectors.

Gujarat Residential Solar Rooftop Yojana will enable people to setup / install solar panels ranging 1 KW to 10 KW on their rooftops with 30% subsidy from central govt. and Rs. 10,000 from state govt., check list of vendors under solar power policy 2020 at

Solar Rooftop System Cost in Gujarat – Latest News

SOLAR ROOFTOP SUBSIDY GUJARAT Central government will provide subsidy of 30% of total cost of the solar system and the state govt. would provide subsidy of Rs. 10,000 / kW (max. Rs. 20,000) for a given residential solar system. The complete details of the rooftop solar systems under Residential Solar Rooftop Yojana

Residents of Gujarat can install rooftop solar power plants with I-SMART

I-SMART program will collect the interest data and provide it to the Government of Gujarat. This will help speed up the implementation process.

As per the letter no 318/33/2019-Grid Connected Rooftop, dated July 16, 2019 issued by MNRE, the benchmark cost for putting up a rooftop solar power plant in Gujarat will be Rs 54 Per W up to 10 kW, Rs 48 per W to the system of the sizes of 10 kW to 100 kW and Rs 45 per W for the solar PV system above the size of 100 kW. With the available subsidy, a beneficiary can avail a maximum subsidy of Rs 1,40,400 based on the MNRE benchmark costs.

GUJARAT: In a major initiative, Govt.. of India, under the National Solar Mission has set a target of 1,00,000 MW power generation through solar energy in the country including 40,000 MW to be contributed through solar rooftops in various sectors.
In order to achieve this magnitude of capacity, Gujarat has been given the target of 8,024 MW Capacity of Solar Energy by 2021-22, out of which 3,200 MW is to be contributed by the rooftop segment
After the success of Gandhinagar Solar Rooftop Solar PV Project, II, the Government of Gujarat (GOG) has decided to repeat the Rooftop Solar PV initiative by revamping the same pilot project in five major cities in the state, namely.


  1. Vadodara
  2. Rajkot
  3. Mehsana
  4. Bhavnagar
  5. Surat

The project will use the same model as Gandhinagar, namely, a PPP-based model that facilitates the installation of rooftop installations by private individuals investing in rooftop projects. Private rooftop project developers will be selected through competitive action. Developers will be responsible for leasing rooftops for a long period from private, residential, commercial and industrial rooftop owners.

Private rooftop owners will be invited to participate in the program and generate revenue by giving private project developers their rooftop leases. The benefits of rooftop leasing are known as green incentives.

This is a grid related program, in which a solar photovoltaic (SPV) system will be installed on the rooftop and connected to the electricity grid. Under this project, the Government of Gujarat has a target of installing PV installation on different types of rooftops, as shown in the following table in five cities in Gujarat.

Table 1: Details of the project and capacity addition

ક્રમ નં. શહેર ડીસકોમ ક્ષમતા વધારો (મેગાવોટ)
ભાવનગર પીજીવીસીએલ ૩.૫
રાજકોટ પીજીવીસીએલ ૬.૫
મહેસાણા યુજીવીસીએલ ૫.૦
સુરત ડીજીવીસીએલ ૫.૦
વડોદરા એમજીવીસીએલ ૫.૦
સરવાળો ૨૫.૦
Table 1: Package Details
ક્રમ નં. પેકેજ શહેરો ક્ષમતા (મે.વો.)
વડોદરા, મહેસાણા ૧૦ (૫ મે.વો. દરેક)
બી રાજકોટ, ભાવનગર ૧૦
સી સુરત ૫.૦

The Gujarat government will select the developers to set up the SPV system on the roof of the house (residential, industrial, commercial and government / public buildings) through a transparent selection process. The selected project developer (RO) will oversee and manage the SPV arrangements. The project developers will sign a green incentive agreement with the property owners who are about to use the terrace for the SPV system. The rooftop owner will be awakened by means of a green incentive.

Installation of Rooftop Solar Plants on a large scale is one of the best initiatives, as in such plants, there is no requirement of land. Energy is consumed where it is generated; there would be no element of transmission loss or wheeling loss and such plants would be in the interest of the public at large as well as State Utilities. Therefore, with a view of promoting large-scale rooftop solar systems on private residential roofs-terraces, the Government has introduced a subsidy scheme for solar rooftops in the residential sector.
This Scheme shall be called “SURYA-Gujarat” (Surya Urja Rooftop Yojana-Gujarat) with the following provisions:
Target: The target for installations of solar rooftops shall be to cater to 2 lac consumers during the year 2019-20 and cumulatively 8 lac consumers by the end of the financial year 2021-22.

State subsidy of 40% shall be available for solar rooftop systems up to 3 kW; and 20 % for solar rooftop systems beyond 3 kW up to 10 kW, installed and commissioned by private residential consumers. Any capacity of solar rooftop system equal to or greater than 1 (one) kilowatt DC can be installed irrespective of the sanctioned load of the consumer; however, the subsidy shall be limited to a maximum capacity of 10 kW.

The capacity of Solar Panel system
Subsidy Rate Up to 3 KW 40% on the final cost

From 3 KW to 10 KW 20% on the final cost


  • The solar system is installed within the premises of the service connection, either on the roof or on the ground.
  • The solar system is of the ownership of the consumer.
  • The premises of the solar installation is of the ownership of the consumer of the DISCOM or is in the legal possession of the consumer.
  • Solar cells and solar modules deployed in the solar rooftop system shall be manufactured in India. i.e. Solar cells and/or Modules of Non-Indian Origin shall not be eligible for subsidy under this scheme.
  • Only new plant and machinery shall be allowed for installation and shall not be shifted anywhere else.
Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Limited (GUVNL) shall be the nodal agency for this scheme, and the implementation of the scheme and the subsidy disbursement shall be got done through all the DISCOMs in the state.
The applicant shall not be allowed to get any other benefit from any other scheme of the Central Government, for the same investment, and if found to have taken benefit from any other scheme of the Government, the amount of subsidy shall be recovered forthwith.
Any Industrial, Commercial and other consumers or Government and Semi-Government Organizations will not be eligible for this subsidy. Implementation of this Scheme shall be done under the administrative control of the Energy & Petrochemicals Department, Government of Gujarat.
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