The insurance company is offering 5 lakh extra cover in FREE

This insurance company is offering 5 lakh extra cover in FREE, no charge is required.

The Tata group is unique. Previously, Tata Group provided Rs 1500 crore in the battle against Corona. Of this, Tata Sons gave Rs 1000 crore and Tata Trust gave Rs 500 crore. The Taj Hotel is currently catering to Corona patients and medical staff at BMC Hospitals in Mumbai. Now Tata AIA Life Insurance has announced that it will provide extra cover of Rs 5 lakh without extra premium.
A statement from Tata states that all its individual policy holders will get a profit of Rs 5 lakh without any extra charge. In addition, Tata AIA Life Insurance’s active agents, her life-mates and children will be given a benefit of Rs 25,000 on admission to the hospital due to Covid-19, the company said.
Due to corona, most of the companies especially the Temporary Workers are being laid off. It has given a statement from Tata Group that it will pay daily wages to all the Temporary Workers working at their offices and manufacturing sites across the country. Some Tata companies, such as Tata projects, also have a large number of Temporary Workers associated with construction activities.